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Parking and Church Access

There is parking outside the church building, against the wall that is the boundary with the Melbourne Hall estate. However, this can become busy, especially if there are other events, or in the summer when the area attracts those visiting Melbourne Hall or Melbourne Pool.

There is street parking on both Church Street (the road leading to the church) or in Castle Street / Castle Square, which is the road opposite the church.

For Sunday morning services, we use the North door into the church, which is the one opposite the war memorial / Church Street. This provides level access entry into the church, suitable for those in a wheel chair or who may be unsteady with the steps.

Inside the church, the floor is level all the way to the alter rail at the front of the church. There is a small step into the church pews, but those in a wheel chair may remain in the aisles, or where ever they feel comfortable.

For the Sunday evening service, weddings and funerals, we use the South door, which is on the far side of the church, opposite the Rectory. There are 2-3 steps into the church from this door. However, the North door is always available for those who need to use it. Please feel free to contact the church office or the curate (in the contact us section) if you wish to discuss any arrangements.